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White Lotus Home crib mattresses are made differently from any other crib you can buy and they help reduce the risk of SIDS.

We have worked since 1981 on handcrafting crib mattresses that are both safe and natural for your baby. We believe that cotton is the greatest sleeping surface any amount of money can buy. Our cribs are firm to help avoid SIDS. Our toddler mattresses are made like our standard mattresses, which have a greater comfort level but are not should not be used for new born children.

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"If you can eliminate all the risk factors, you can probably eliminate most of the SIDS deaths," says physician Fern Hauck of the University of Virginia. Although research hasn’t shown why they work, here are ways to reduce the risk:

• Infants should be placed for sleep on their backs. As this recommendation has been followed, SIDS deaths in many countries have decreased sharply.

Use a firm sleep surface; keep soft objects and loose bedding that could cover the baby’s face out of the crib.

• Do not smoke during pregnancy. Smoking significantly increases the risk for SIDS.

• For greatest safety, sleep separate from but in the same room with the baby.

• Consider offering a pacifier at nap time and bedtime once breastfeeding is established. Studies have shown that pacifier use can reduce the risk of SIDS up to 60%.

Source: American Academy of Pediatrics Task Force on SIDS Policy Statement 2005

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