Organic Bedding Gift Certificates

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White Lotus Home offers another way you can show your love and help save the Earth!

If you already have all the White Lotus Home Organic Bedding products you need and are looking to share that great chemical free environment with your loves ones, friends and co-workers, now you can show that love while helping save the planet.

How this works? It is very simple, you buy the organic bedding gift certificate amount(s) you want and we will send you, a especial CODE to use online for later purchases equals to the gift certificate amount you purchased. You can then send this code to your recipient. We can print on White Lotus Home letterhead, a especial note with your custom code for an additional $3.00 per Gift Certificate.

RULES: All gift certificates are valid for 9 months after purchase and can not be combined with any other SALE offer.

CERTIFICATE(S) via email or mail to the receiver's information(s) you will provide at check out. They can later, call, order online or email us their order.

Having a baby shower? Getting Married? Just moved in or plan to move? This is a way your friends and family can help you and your family reach a safer sleeping and living environment with little hassle.  

For more information call 732-828-2111 or email us at

We are glad to help you share your love and enthusiams for saving the environment....

Organic Bedding Gift Certificates

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