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We need customer feedback on our Green Home Market in New Brunswick, NJ.

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White Lotus Green Home Marketplace- We Need Your Help!

We need customer feedback on our Green Home Marketplace in New Brunswick, NJ.

On Earth Day, White Lotus Home is celebrating our 27th year in business and as much as we would like to rest on our laurels, we love to try fresh new ideas to promote green living. We are looking to open new retail locations, as was mentioned in our latest newsletter, but we are also executing the idea of promoting a Green Home Marketplace at our New Brunswick, NJ location. The idea is to get dozens of other green minded companies in our showroom space to display and offer their green, organic products and services for a minimal fee. It would have a sort of gallery feel to it. This Green Home Marketplace would provide “one stop shopping” for a wider variety of green products and it would be more of an incentive for people who come to our store. Also, we would like to use some of the space for not-for-profit organizations throughout the community.

We want to know what you, the customers and fans, think of this idea. Would this interest you as a White Lotus Home customer? What types of vendors would you like to see? Should the market focus on home design and green living, or would you rather see other types of green products? Feedback is essential for this project, as it will be a big step for us and we want to give our customers a chance to voice their needs. Tell us what you think, either on the comments section of this blog, or feel free to email me directly at Please include Green Home Marketplace at the subject line.

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