Shredded Wholesale Natural Latex (From the Rubber Tree)

Shredded Wholesale Natural Latex

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Natural Shredded Talalay Natural Latex is great for Bean Bags, cusions, pillows and more...

How is Talalay Latex Made?  A note from our supplier!

Below is an update:

January 2, 2014

White Lotus,

Latex International (LI) certifies the compound utilized to make its 100% Natural Talalay Latex Rubber Foam mattress cores, pillows and toppers includes natural latex rubber harvested from the “Hevea Brasiliensis” rubber tree. We do NOT use any man-made or synthetic latex in our 100% Natural Talalay Latex Rubber Foam formula.

The majority of 100% natural latex sleep products are produced via the Dunlop process, while our latex is produced via the Talalay process. LI’s proprietary compound mix required by the complex Talalay process includes raw materials such as natural rubber latex, natural fatty acid soaps, natural reinforcing agent, and curing agents which are needed for the foaming and vulcanization of latex foam.

100% Natural Talalay Latex Rubber Foam is certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, product Class II, to contain no harmful substances. The certificate number is 11-24246.


Dr. John Lean, Ph.D.  Director, Research & Development


This is a picture of how the natural latex starts, before it is shredded.

Latex offers a natural substitute to fuel base foams. We make our LOTUS Systems with this latex and they are great!

The Talalay method produces the finest latex available. The Talalay process steps:

  1. Liquid rubber whipped into a foam and poured into a mold.
  2. When closed the mold has rods that go through the foamed rubber.
  3. A vacuum is placed on the mold, which removes air bubbles/pockets and distributes the liquid rubber evenly through the mold.
  4. CO2 is run through the rods, freezing the foamed rubber and locking in the consistency.
  5. Heat sent through the rods, providing even temperature and yielding a consistent latex cores without air pockets or uneven firmness.
  6. Unlike some competing products, our Talalay products contain no fillers or extenders. Only the components needed to convert the material from a liquid to a solid that lasts are added: soap, ammonia, zinc oxide and sulfur. The ammonia evaporates and the soap and zinc oxide are washed out. The sulfur is needed to cure the product so that it bounces back after you sleep on it.

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Shredded Wholesale Natural Latex (From the Rubber Tree)

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