Sleep GREEN and dream in Colors!

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The Benefits: 
  • Sleep fire-safe and toxin-free. A typical mattress is loaded with chemical flame-retardants that are reaching high levels in the environment and people’s bodies, and thought to cause problems with brain development and reproduction.  Opt for naturally fire-resistant wool or get a doctor’s prescription for an untreated cotton mattress.
  • Organic cotton and wool keep pesticides out of your bed. Cotton crops account for as much as 25% of the world’s insecticide use, and 7 of the top 15 pesticides used on cotton are classified as possible or probable human carcinogens.
  • Mattresses made of wool and latex are naturally resistant to dust mites—great news for those with allergies.
  • Natural beds often last longer than standard mattresses, so you’ll have many years of sweet dreams!
Personally Speaking: 
Neither of us can afford an organic mattress at the moment, but maybe we will get Cricket an organic cotton doggie bed as a consolation prize. 
Wanna Try: 
  • White Lotus Futons – All-cotton futon pads from a family-run company that is powered by 100% wind energy ($200 - $280).

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