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Dear White Lotus Home friends! Our new site is live and ready, please shopwww.whitelotushome.com from here forward. Thank you very much for your patience! 


Our customers say many great things about us. We have been helping our customers save the Earth while they sleep since 1981, and we know this industry. Read what people are saying about White Lotus Home below, or check out the latest customer feedback on our White Lotus Home Facebook page here:

"I just wanted to let you know that our mattress came today and my daughter loves it. I was expecting it in 2 to 3 weeks, not 2 days! Thanks so much! I look forward to shopping with you again. I'll be sure to tell anyone who will listen how great your products are(my youngest has an all cotton toddler mattress already)and about the wonderful service."

Thanks and take care,
Barbara Liguori


"White Lotus Home,
Thank you so much for donating a natural made pillow for my son. When my son was diagnosed with childhood cancer I decide to surround my son with nothing but natural surrounding. My 6 year old son loves your pillow so much that he looks forward to bedtime!"

Melissa, NJ


"Dear Margaret:

I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the wool dreamton I bought for my 12-month old baby’s crib.

I had been trying to get her to start napping in her crib, as a transition out of our king-size bed, but she wasn’t sleeping more than 35 minutes at a time on the standard crib mattress. My intuition was that this mattress was too stiff, and that my baby needed to be as comfy in her crib as she was on our bed (on top of its down comforter – where she would often “nestle” in with her shoulders with a pleased look on her sleepy face).

Researching futons online, I came across your company and was excited to learn I would soon be in your area. The visit to your showroom and factory were enjoyable — it was neat to see where you produce the mattresses and how you store them --and as soon as I felt the dreamton, I knew that it was the right mattress to get for my baby.  I also picked up a wool puddle pad and an organic cotton sheet, to keep all the layers natural for her (thus minimizing any possible effects of vinyl, rubber, etc).

Sure enough, the first time I set the baby down in her crib on the dreamton for a nap, she did the same little “nestling-in” dance with her shoulders and looked so content.  And that day she had two very long naps!  She still sleeps with us for part of the night, but I feel that the comfort provided by the dreamton’s cushiony layers combined with the scent of the wool have significantly improved her quality of sleep in the crib.

The only detraction now is that when she wakes up from her nap and stands up to the side rail, over time this causes an indentation in the edge futon which becomes a slight hill.  So I think I will be fluffing it or turning it periodically."

With kind regards,


Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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