White Lotus in Total Household

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9. White Lotus Home is a manufacturer of natural and organic home furnishings and bedding. The New Jersey based company is dedicated to creating a healthier home with their handcrafted products made of natural and organic materials including natural latex, pure wool and organic US grown cotton and buckwheat.
The company’s commitment to environmental sustainability is strong and growing. Says president Marlon Pando, “Our goal is to continue to help our audience attain chemical-free homes by creating White Lotus Homes.” The company not only strives to use organic and environmentally friendly materials, but also, by handcrafting all of their products, to use as little energy as possible at their manufacturing facility. The company plans to keep its longstanding tradition of manufacturing their products in the US. “Being made in the US is the core of our business and how we have been doing business since 1981,” adds Marlon. “It is part of our vision and our integrity.”....http://www.totalhousehold.com/news/the-th-list-9-great-madeinamerica-home-products-companies

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