White Lotus Home Fueled by Wind Power

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Wind Mill

White Lotus Home has committed to purchase 100% New Jersey Wind, an option now available to electric customers under the New Jersey CleanPower Choice program launched by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities in 2005. New Jersey Wind is supplied by the state's first coastal wind farm, the Jersey-Atlantic Wind Farm of Alantic City.

White Lotus is proud to be the first business customer in the state to purchase 100% wind-generated electricity. We know that our customers are looking for high quality products made not just with environmentally responsible materials, but using responsible energy sources as well.

Compared to the average generation mix of the regional electric grid, purchasing 100% wind-generated electricity reduced our carbon dioxide emissions by about 65,800 pounds per year. This is equivalent to planting more than 4,400 trees or driving 57,000 fewer miles -- each and every year. Moving away from fossil fuel-based electricity sources also reduces emissions of nitrogen oxide (which forms smog), sulfur dioxide (a contributor to acid rain), and particulate pollution (a known contributor to increasing rates of asthma, heart disease, and lung disease).

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