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We offer: Wholesale - Drop Ship - Private Label - Custom Work - Interior Designer Programs and work with all Green Interior Decorators!

Your own online or brick & mortar Organic Bedding Store!

NOTE: For Wholesale, Drop Ship and Privale Label Accounts, you must already have an E-commerce website, brick and mortar store or both set up, before your appication will be considered.  

If you want to open your own organic bedding store apply here please. Or, send an email to for the newest form available. 

Work from home and help save the Earth!

You may download an application to join our Wholesale Program Here.  Once we receive your application, we will be back in touch within 7-10 business days with a decision or feedback. The bedding industry is over $100 Billion and the Organic Bedding industry is just starting to get into this market, so there is a lot of room for growth!  

Your application will not be accepted unless it is complete, and includes the following:
1.) A link to your website. If your website is currently being constructed, we will need template screenshots or a link to the beta version of your website.
2.) A resale certificate number. You are exempt if your state does not require one.
3.) Your complete credit card billing information.

Thank you for your interest in participating in our Wholesale Offerings!

For a copy of our Wholesale agreement, please email your request to:

Online Wholesale Application

You can also print the latest form below and email it back to us at: or email us and we can send you this form. 


White Lotus Home Wholesale Programs


White Lotus Home

Organic Bedding Company

431 Raritan Ave, Highland Park NJ 08904

phone: (877) HANDMADE or (732) 828.2111 fax: (732) 828-4159

White Lotus Home of Highland Park, NJ has been supplying massage schools, spas, furniture outlets, natural goods stores, and individual customers with high-quality natural and organic products since 1981. In addition to our showrooms in Highland Park, NJ and Brooklyn, NY, many of our products are available for purchase from businesses in a variety of places such as Boulder Mountain Futon, in Boulder, CO; Hardwood Artisans of Woodbridge, VA; Home Green Home of Ithaca, NY; The Futon Store in Austin, TX; Zen Shiatsu Chicago in Evanston, IL; and many others, in over 20 different states and Canada.

Over the years, White Lotus Home has had a simple two‐fold objective: (1) to offer products that are non‐threatening to the planet and its people, and (2) to educate consumers about the benefits of natural and organic bedding. White Lotus Home handcrafts quality products designed to last, and in the process we cut down on waste created by temporary bedding solutions and give our customers the peace of mind that comes with buying mainly recyclable products.

As a Green America and Organic Trade Association member, we believe we can make a difference by setting an example for others. Since our mattresses, pillows, and bedding are made with pure, natural ingredients, White Lotus Home provides more than a good night’s rest; we provide peace of mind for the Earth-conscious consumer. We help you save the Earth while you sleep!

White Lotus Home is also a proud member of the Made in America Movement. All of our items are handmade by skilled artisans in Highland Park, NJ, and our production line includes all-American raw materials whenever possible.



  1. I.        Program Offerings
    1. a.       Designer Cooperative Program
    2. b.      Wholesale Program
    3. c.       Drop-Ship Program
    4. d.      Private Label & Fabrication
    5. II.      Other Wholesale Offers
      1. a.       Raw, Natural, and Organic Fibers
      2. b.      Large Projects
      3. c.       Strategic Partnerships
      4. III.    After Approval
        1. a.       Merchandising Support
        2. b.      Building the Relationship
        3. c.       Placing Orders
        4. d.      Refunds & Returns
        5. e.      Turnaround Time
        6. f.        Shipping Policy
        7. g.       Payment Terms
        8. IV.    Partner Application
        9. V.      Fire Retardant Acknowledgement

Program Offerings

As White Lotus Home business partners, we hope that you share a passion for Made in America, hand-crafted, sustainable bedding. We are committed to helping you stay informed about our business, and are very willing to help educate you and your staff about our range of products. If at any time you have questions about our program offerings or products, our trained staff is always happy to help.

Wholesale and drop-ship distribution are only available on our handmade items: mattresses, pillows, toppers, duvets, covers, sheets, crib products, puddle pads, toss pillows, custom cushions, custom mattresses, custom pillows, futon covers, private label bedding and more. We only offer bulk discounts on fiber orders over 1,000 lbs, and do not offer discounts on products in our catalog that are purchased directly from third party vendors: mattress pads, select sheeting, and all furniture. All approved clients must stay very close to our listed retail price, and cannot be sold below our MAP (minimum allowed price); those found guilty of underpricing will swiftly have their business with White Lotus Home terminated.

Designer Cooperative Program    Discount off MSRP: 20%     Ideal for: Certified Interior Designers

Certified designers are encouraged to advertise to their customers that they receive discounts on White Lotus Home products, and are free to sell to individual clients at a price they deem appropriate—though we professionally recommend offering the client 10% off MSRP, and keeping a 10% consulting fee. All orders include free shipping to either the designer or direct to the client, if preferred. Designer discounts are offered under the assumption that designers are expert liaisons who mention our products to end clients, and are able to speak knowledgeably about our options. Designers are also welcome to order custom bedding, and to order raw fibers in bulk. All purchases must be made in full prior to delivery.

 Wholesale Program Order Minimum(s): $2,500 for first order Discount off MSRP: 50% and free shipping to the contiguous U.S. 

Ideal for: Stores with ability to carry stock

 Wholesale discounts are offered under the agreement that clients will be showcasing, re-selling, and frequently purchasing our products. Eligible wholesale clients can receive Net‐30 terms following their first prepaid order, and there is no order minimum for wholesale purchases following the first prepaid order. All purchases receiving the wholesale discount must ship to the client’s business location; otherwise, all items shipping directly to the customer will be charged at the drop-ship rate.

Drop-Ship Program Discount off MSRP: 30% and free shipping to the contiguous U.S. Ideal for: eCommerce, Small Stores

Our drop-ship program is aimed towards businesses with small retail locations or thriving online stores, and can reach customers worldwide. The procedure is simple: you make the sale, we sell you the product at a 30% discount, you send us the purchase order with the customer’s shipping information, and we send the product directly to your customer. Shipping is free on all orders to the contiguous 48 United States, but all orders shipping elsewhere will receive an additional fee based on the product and location. All drop-ship orders will be charged on the day that the product ships from our location.

Private Label & Fabrication    Potential Profit start at: 55%

We offer a private labeling program to companies who share White Lotus Home’s mission and vision. You must agree to a minimum first order of 100 pieces of at least one product that you request us to manufacture exclusively for you. We currently make children’s accessories, special pillows, blankets, mattresses, and custom cushions for many clients. We have a talented design team that can bring your special projects to life. Please send your specifications to, or call 732‐828‐2111 to discuss your needs.

 Other Wholesale Offers  For clients who are looking for discount rates on large or recurring purchases, or who are looking for hard to classify strategic partnerships, we have the following offers for businesses and individuals alike. Please note that if you are only looking for one of the below offers, the wholesale application is still required.

Raw, Natural, and Organic Fibers  Natural Kapok, Organic USDA-Certified Cotton, Green US-Grown Cotton, Organic USDA-Certified Buckwheat Hulls, US-Raised Virgin Lamb’s Wool, Evergreen Foam, and Natural Rubber Talalay Latex. If you are interested in buying our fibers in bulk, you can read more about them at Bulk orders are already discounted in the listed sales price online, and are only eligible for further discounts if you plan on making more than 2 orders of 1,000 lbs. or more a year. Should your needs exceed the quantities listed on our website, please email us; be sure to include complete shipping information and we will send you a quote.

Large Projects If you are looking to remodel your home(s), or are a real estate agent putting together a showcase, please contact us at for one-time discount offers. Relatedly, all orders greater than $10,000 will be automatically eligible for discounts, and larger discounts are available for orders in excess of $50,000.

Strategic Partnerships

If you are looking for a professional relationship that is not defined by the above programs, we are more than happy to set up a conference call with your company to identify areas where we can work together. Whether it is a barter exchange, affinity program, finder’s fee commission, or a link/discount exchange, let us know your needs and we will do our best to see that we arrive at a solution that is mutually beneficial.

After Approval

 Merchandising Support

White Lotus Home has an experienced sales and merchandising team that will help support the success of our products in your store. We can provide photos and descriptions of all our products, as well as offer guidance for marketing specific ones. We will recommend new items, and help you keep your display looking fresh and well stocked.

 Building the Relationship

We are available on weekdays from 10am to 6pm for conference calls and consultations, during weekends from noon-6pm, and seven days a week by email. Our free sales consultations will cover:

  • • Current sales trends at White Lotus Home.
  • • A review of what is working and what’s not in your store. Any facts and figures you have on hand with regard to your sales will be helpful for this.
  • • Review of your stock and suggested new products for the season.
  • • Customer questions that you are not comfortable answering.

 Placing Orders

To keep our exchanges running efficiently, please follow the following guidelines. 

- Make all wholesale orders in advance, generally 2‐4 weeks before you require these products in stock.

- Increase stock before the holidays and important shopping days in your store.

- Email your purchase orders to, and consult your catalog for pricing before asking for a quote.

- After receiving your PO, a sales representative will contact you to review and finalize your order. Please take note that listed quantities and prices were what you expected, and ask about any discrepancies.

- Be sure to confirm pricing with us before extending a quote on non-standard items to your customers.

 We Guarantee Your Satisfaction—Refunds & Returns

At White Lotus Home, we guarantee all of our products against manufacturing defects. If a customer has a defective product, we will replace it and offer you a credit for whatever refunded amount you offered the customer (upon receipt of pictures displaying the defect). If a customer is unhappy with a non-defective product, we can accept the product back if it clears a manufacturing inspection affirming that the product was unused. In this case, we can extend your account a credit worth 80% of the original price you paid. Please note that we are happy to default to your policy if you state that items are non-returnable, but that our policy on not accepting returns of used items is not adaptable.  

In the case of products damaged during shipping, it is essential that you take pictures of the damaged box immediately and keep all original packaging (or instruct your drop-ship clients to do the same). Upon receiving pictures, we will replace any item damaged in transit on a rush and will handle the claim with the shipper. If you offer customers credits or refunds in this situation, you can inform us of this and we may be able to credit your account for a portion of that amount, but our standard policy does not include this option as a de facto certainty.

Our goal is to foster an on‐going, long-term partnership that will lead to excellent sales for you and a secure career for all of the artisans who are part of White Lotus Home. Because we know what it means to be a growing and independent business, we will work with you so that our relationship is mutually beneficial.

 Turnaround Time

Our goal is to process and ship all orders within 1‐2 weeks for small items (pillows, sheets, massage mats), and within 2-4 weeks for large items (mattresses, toppers, duvets, and large orders). Custom orders may take a bit longer (3‐5 weeks). Additionally, please allow 1‐5 business days for shipping on all items, depending on your location. We do produce all wholesale orders on urgency, but an expedited rush service is available on any item over $100 for either 25% of the cost or $100, whichever amount is lesser.  Please include these requests in your order, and we will send you a quote that includes expediting fees.

 Shipping Policy

If the destination is within our delivery range, we will hand-deliver the items whenever feasible. We are also open to using your own freight carrier services, and offer you a 50% credit on shipping fees if you pay for all shipping on your orders. Otherwise, all items will ship via UPS, FedEx, or USPS, at our option—if you or your client requests a specific carrier, you will be billed the difference in cost between that shipper and our preferred shipper. As indicated previously, shipping is free to the contiguous 48 United States, and all orders to be shipped elsewhere will have a shipping fee applied to the invoice.

 Payment Terms

Your first order will be prepaid at the time of your order by credit card, check, or money order. Net-30 terms may apply for those who qualify on subsequent wholesale orders only--all other program orders must be prepaid before they ship. Net 30 will be removed after the 2nd late payment or due to long-standing delinquency. Credit limits may apply, and will be determined at the discretion of White Lotus Home.

White Lotus Home Partner Application Date: ______________________

Please return this completed application via email to, or via fax to 732-828-4159.


Name of your business:  _____________________________________________________

 Type of business:_________________________________________________________________________________

Website: ______________________________________________________________________


Please tell us a little about your company:








Order Contact: _________________________________________________________________

Title: _________________________________________________________________________

Phone #: ______________________________________________________________________

Email Address:  _________________________________________________________________


Accounting Contact: _____________________________________________________________

Title:  _________________________________________________________________________

Phone #:  ______________________________________________________________________

Email Address:  _________________________________________________________________

Business Address: _______________________________________________________________


Shipping Address: _______________________________________________________________



Resale Certificate Number (A resale certificate is required to purchase White Lotus Home products at wholesale prices):_____________________


Initial Method of Payment (You can call us with this information if you prefer)

Credit card Number: __________________________________

Exp. Date: ________________  Security Code :_____________ Billing Zip Code: ____________

Name on Card: _______________________________________


O Check here to be charged upon shipping


For qualifying accounts, we offer Net30 after the 1st prepaid order. Please provide the following information, accurately. Leave blank if you choose to be charged upon shipping.

Credit References:

             Vendor                                                Contact                                Phone                    E-mail

1 _________________________________________________________________

2 _________________________________________________________________

3 _________________________________________________________________


How did you hear about White Lotus Home? __________________________________


Please mark all of the following that apply to tell us what type(s) of WLH program you will be applying for:

1. ___ Designer

2. ___ Wholesale

3. ___ Drop-Ship

4. ___ Designer

5. ___ Raw, Natural, and Organic Fibers

6. ___ Large Orders

7. ___ Strategic Partnerships


Fire Retardant Acknowledgement

Due to federal regulation FR1633, effective July, 1, 2007, all mattress manufacturers are required to use a flame retardant (FR) that passes the required burn time test. This law is intended to increase the escape time for fire victims, which should save hundreds of lives each year. If you find others claiming that they make 100% organic or 100% natural mattresses without the use of an FR, please request details of how they are meeting the FR1633 law. White Lotus Home uses a layer of wool as the FR in all of our Dreamton mattresses, and adds Boric Acid as an FR in other instances.

Further, there is a clause written into this law that permits the manufacture of an FR-free mattress with the receipt of a prescription from a licensed physician. A doctor's prescription must either appear on a prescription pad or be written on official letterhead with the inclusion of the doctor’s DEA number somewhere on the note. So long as we have a properly certified request, we can make a mattress with no FR added. Lastly, FR1633 does not apply to any mattress 4 inches thick or less. In accordance with FR1633, White Lotus Home only sells 100% FR-free mattresses after receiving a doctor’s prescription or note.


As a client of White Lotus Home, I will be responsible for getting a doctor’s prescription for clients who request a chemical free mattress without the addition of Boric Acid or wool.




PRINT NAME:______________ SIGNATURE:______________________


IMPORTANT NOTICE: By signing below, you are agreeing to all the terms of this contract.  


Signature: __________________________________________

Print: ______________________________________________

Title:  ______________________________________________

Date: _____________

Signature: __________________________________________

Print: ______________________________________________

Title: ______________________________________________

Date: _____________

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Date: ____________